Orla Mc Hardy

omchardy (at) gmail.com


Orla Mc Hardy is an artist based between Donegal (IRL) and Richmond, Virginia (USA). Her work spans traditional single channel films made for broadcast to mixed media, site-specific gallery installations. Using interdisciplinary animation processes as a starting point, she has collaborated with poets, radio producers, sound artists, architects, designers, and animators and has crossed over into live-action and documentary filmmaking.

Interested in visual sign systems that are ‘language-like’ as opposed to directly linguistic, Mc Hardy’s work inhabits a territory that straddles the intuitive and the conceptual.

She has exhibited internationally and her films have been included in prominent festivals in Norway, Ukraine, Portugal, UK, France and the USA. She has also been the recipient of many awards, most recently the Irish Film Board’s Frameworks Award and Arts Council Ireland Film Project Award.  Mc Hardy graduated with an MFA from the Dept. Film, Video, New Media & Animation from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, a BA in Animation from the National Film School, Dublin, Ireland and a Diploma Fine Art Sculpture from Northumbria University, Newcastle, England. She is currently Assistant Professor of Animation, Dept. Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond.